The Chamber

Our Mission

The mission of the Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce is to enhance the growth and development of business and the quality of life in our community by helping to keep our membership informed, connected and prosperous.

We accomplish this by facilitating the creation or retention of thousands of jobs in the Greater Pittston Area.

 Did You Know?

  •  The Chamber has received $8.75 m. in grants from the Commonwealth’s Business in Our Sites Program for infrastructure into Center Point East & West Commerce & Trade Parks in Jenkins & Pittston Towns
  • hips which resulted in the construction of over 5.5 m. sq. ft. of industrial space housing over 30 companies and  creating approximately 3,000 jobs in the last 6 years.
  • The Chamber played a pivotal role in the creation & retentions of employment opportunities for over 90 local industries including Schott Glass North America, Keystone Automotive Warehouse and Pride Mobility Products.
  • The Chamber was awarded a $1.5m grant to aid in the restructuring & resurfacing of Commerce Road in the Grimes Industrial Park providing a safer roadway for over 2,900 employees.
  • The Chamber is completing a $2.5m infrastructure project into 47 industrial acres the Chamber owns in Duryea Borough.
  • The Chamber owned and developed the Barnum, O’Hara & Grimes Industrial parks attracting businesses from all over the country, creating and retaining over 5,000 jobs.


For over 90 years the Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce has served as the organization through which business executives, professional people and other concerned citizens have united to provide leadership and direction for the economic and social development of the Greater Pittston Area. The collective efforts of the Chamber Members have brought needed improvements in our region’s economy and many other areas of community life. Few of these advances could have been accomplished on an individual basis. But we cannot be content to rest on the strength of our past successes, because there will always be new challenges for improving the economic climate and quality of life in the region.