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    About Us

    PureEdge Technologies is nationwide full service business communications provider. We specialize in designing customized communications and collaboration tools to fit our customer’s needs. At PureEdge we understand that every business is different and that a cookie cutter approach does not work. In today’s fast paced mobile world we give our customers the tools to communicate, collaborate, and connect on any device, anywhere, and anytime.

    Our cloud based UCAAS (Unified Communications As A Service) solutions are not only cost-effective but a business asset for better productivity and collaboration throughout any organization. PureEdge's customized solutions will encompass an all in one cloud based phone system including instant messaging, video conferencing, text messaging, any much more built around your work-flow.

    Starting in 2003, PureEdge Technologies has had great success in the communications industry. PureEdge's engineers and support staff have experience ranging from 10- 25 years in the telecom industry from legacy phone systems such as Lucent, Avaya, and Nortel to today’s world of VoIP. We now service over 6,000 customers and growing. PureEdge has established itself by making the small customer feel big and the big customer feel safe. Whether you are a fortune 100 company or a small office of 10 we have a solution for your organization.