• Lock Yourself Up

    Volume 18 | March 2018
    Lock Yourself Up

    In my management seminars I tell attendees: "Lock yourself away periodically and do the 'owner things' you need to run your business effectively".
    These sessions should be scheduled into your weekly activity and EVERYONE should know there are to be NO INTERRUPTIONS--no phone calls, no quick questions--nothing.
    What can you do in this time?
    1. Analyze financial statements
    2. Plan your advertising budget
    3. Work up and review your marketing calendar
    4. Review company reports
    5. Ponder a new product line or service
     In upcoming issues, we're going to explore different facets of this list and more! Investing in time for yourself without interruptions will pay big dividends.
    ACTION ITEM: Schedule your time to lock yourself away--THIS WEEK. Look over your last P&L and especially look at expenses. What can you start changing? Think about some other areas in which you face challenges in your business and make a list. Email your list to me if you want to discuss it!
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    Reading/Viewing Recommendation
    Tom Shay has been a trusted business advisor for me for decades. He is also part of my "team" at KMS Marketing Solutions--a wise, no-nonsense consultant.
    In one of your sessions of being "locked away", take a look at the calculators he has built on his website. You will be amazed at what they will tell you about the operation of your business! Use the link below to reach the Profits Plus website, then click on the tab that reads "Calculators"
    Visit The Profits Plus Website--Click Here
    Karl M. Stearns, President
    Karl Stearns is an award-winning advocate of small business. A professional speaker, sales trainer, and marketing specialist, he presents programs nationwide for a large array of industries. He also is available for private consultation in sales training, business management or marketing.
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