• Cold Calls -- Why You Need To Do Them

    Sales Series #1
    Cold Calling Tips
    Cold calls are not necessarily the favorite of sales people UNLESS they change their thinking about them.
    The "sales pipeline" depends on fresh activity. No activity=no sales. Every sales process has a certain "lifespan". No realistic sales person expects immediate results. So, any activity TODAY will produce results in the future--one week, one month, three months....whatever your "lifespan" is.
    In our next email, we'll start walking through the process of a cold call.
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    Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work)
    Steve Schiffman has trained over 500,000 sales people. My personal friend, and my "go-to" sales coach, Steve cuts through the clutter and makes simple, no-nonsense suggestions. Click below to preview his book.
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