• Cold Calling - Think in Thirds

    Sales Series #3
    Cold Calling--Think In Thirds
    It's unrealistic to think you'll get ALL the business out there. Here's what really happens:
    If you stood on a corner with your hand out, sooner or later someone would put money in it. If you held your hand out and asked for money, probably a few more would respond. If you made a sign that read "I need help", you would likely get some more money. However, you wouldn't get 100% of people who passed you to give you something.
    Sales are very much the same way. There is a third of your whole pool of potentials who will probably buy from you. There is another third who will never buy anything from you. Not because they don't like you, or they hate your product. They're just satisfied and don't want to change, or they don't see any value in dealing with you. That's OK.
    Here's the BIG, really BIG part most sales people miss: The third that's in the middle. The part that's up for grabs. Most sales people are happy with the first group, the ones who likely will buy from them. Basically, they are just "order takers". It's the group who are up for grabs that hold a great deal of potential, but most sales people don't invest time and effort in them to get the sale.
    ACTION ITEM: Examine your prospects and determine who are in the "up for grabs" category. Start contacting them.
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