• Can You Afford It?

    Volume18| March 2018
    Customer Acquisition
    On average, about 90% of revenue in a small business comes from existing customers! Just let that sink in for a minute.
    Of the remaining 10% of revenue, about 90% comes from referrals from existing customers.
    Yet, an inordinate amount of money is spent by most small businesses on useless advertising to drive more business--revenue that is already coming from existing customers and referrals.
    How can you improve revenue and gain more customers? Rethink how you spend your advertising money. Plow that money back into your existing customers. Give VIP discounts, hold special events and reward your customers. One flooring dealer rewards customers who make large purchases with a gift certificate to a local caterer. The customer is encouraged to throw a party and invite their friends to see their new flooring!
    ACTION ITEM: Think about recent large purchases made by customers. How can you leverage the good relationship and customer satisfaction? Find ways to reward good customers that will encourage them to send you referral business.
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