• Atlas Realty Celebrates 30 Years

    Atlas Realty, Inc. celebrates 30 years in business

    By Jimmy Fisher - jfisher@timesleader.com
    Atlas Realty, Inc. recently celebrated 30 years in business. Staff members are, from left, Carmen Winters, Lu-Ann Sperrazza, Peggy Frankevitch, administrative assistant; Karen Adonizio, CFO; Charlie Adonizio, owner; Kim Bowen, Melissa Sellers, Nancy Bohn, Tom Salvaggio. Absent at the time of the photo were Bill Williams, Kevin Sobilo, Jeff Mohn, Michele Reap, Melissa Hudzinski, Rob Stehle and Kevin Doyle. - Jimmy Fisher | Sunday Dispatch

    PLAINS TWP. — It was over 30 years ago that Charlie Adonizio III founded Atlas Realty, Inc., but the Pittston resident admitted he nearly forgot the milestone.

    “We started Aug. 1, 1988,” Adonizio said. “I didn’t even get a chance to realize it until the end of the month or when September started because I was so busy.”

    Adonizio became a licensed Realtor in 1975 and got the itch to enter into the practice after selling as a side job while attending attended college in Connecticut.

    After college, he took some time to travel the country and then returned to Pittston before moving to Colorado where he lived from 1980 to 1982.

    Adonizio’s dad owned an insurance business and retired in 1982, so he came back to take over the business.

    Six years later, he started Atlas Realty and handled both insurance and real estate until four years ago when he sold the insurance business.

    “It got to be too much,” he said. “I was being pulled in different directions all the time and my real estate business got bigger, so we concentrated on the real estate business.”

    Atlas Realty serves all of of northeastern Pennsylvania which includes Luzerne County, Lackawanna County and Wyoming County.

    It started with four people and today includes 14 people, including Tom Salvaggio and Lu-Ann Sperrazza.

    Salvaggio joined Atlas Realty 24 years ago, saying he wanted to pursue a new career opportunity at the time.

    “I had felt that I wanted to be into a new career,” he said. “I was in business for most of my life and held managerial positions. Where I was working at the time, I thought I could use some extra money. I came and talked to Charlie, and I’ve been here ever since.”

    Salvaggio worked at Atlas Realty part-time in the beginning, but has since become a full-time sales agent.

    He calls himself a people person, and Atlas Realty has been the perfect way for him to interact with both his co-workers and potential home buyers.

    “When I get hooked up with people, I usually end up selling their house or selling them a house,” Salvaggio said. “The last year or two, I really toned it down some. I like spending more time at home, but I’m at work 8:00 every morning, leaving between 11 and 12 every day, five days a week.”

    Starting not long after Salvaggio was Sperrazza, who began her career at Atlas Realty 23 years ago.

    She worked at a bank and her family owned a grocery business in Harding but when she started her family, her schedule got a little more complicated.

    “I was raising three children and (Atlas Realty) fit my schedule and it worked out,” Sperrazza said. “It’s funny; my son always said that I had four kids and my fourth child is real estate because they would tag along when I had to go places.”

    Having to bring her children along with her sometimes added to the fun, she said.

    “I did take them to an open house once,” Sperrazza said. “We had some good times. It’s been interesting; it’s never boring and it’s always different.”

    With 30 years down, Adonizio looks forward to what’s in store for Atlas Realty’s next 30 years.

    “We’ll continue to do business as long as the community receives us well,” he said. “We do a good job and we have good people. So, we’re looking forward to the future.”

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