• Aggressively Waiting for the Phone to Ring....

    Volume 18 |February 2018
    One of the biggest challenges to sales success is that initial call. Sales people dread it, yet it's necessary. All too often, it gets neglected while the sales staff is "aggressively waiting for the phone to ring".
    "What about social media, email....can't I use those to get the word out about my product or service?" Yes, but those things will never take the place of a direct phone call or visit with the person who will make the buying decision.
    Waiting for the phone to ring has never increased business. For sales to happen, someone has to buy something. Someone else has to sell it to them. Teach your team to get proactive with the idea of making cold calls every day.
    ACTION ITEM: Start making a few cold calls every day. Remember to LISTEN and not make selling your focus. You're finding ways to locate problems/pain points you can help solve. Keep a record of your results either handwritten or in a CRM system. Determine what works, and what doesn't. Keep doing what works!
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    Reading/Viewing Recommendation
    Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!)
    Steve Schiffman is a friend, my personal sales training coach, and a consultant who is part of the team at KMS Marketing Solutions.
    Steve has trained over 500,000 sales professionals the world over, and is the author of 70 books on sales. Need I say more?
    Simple, no-nonsense advice. I highly recommend this book! For about $4, you will be amazed at what you learn!
    Click here to purchase this book!
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