• After 72 Years, Saporito, Falcone & Watt Continues to Change While Serving the Community

    After 72 years, Saporito, Falcone & Watt continues to change while serving the community

    By Tony Callaio - For Sunday Dispatch
    Three secretaries at Saporito, Falcone & Watt are kept busy at the 490 N. Main St., Pittston office. - Tony Callaio | For Sunday Dispatch
    Atty. Samuel Falcone takes a phone call from a fellow lawyer while at his office in Pittston. - Tony Callaio | For Sunday Dispatch
    Legal assistant Carlo Saporito researches for another case handled by Saporito, Falcone & Watt. - Tony Callaio | For Sunday Dispatch

    PITTSTON — Many businesses have come and gone over the last 72-years, but the law firm created by the late Joseph Saporito, Sr. still stands today. Now known as Saporito, Falcone & Watt, the latest incarnation of the law firm, will move forward into the future for many years to come.

    Today’s firm is made of up Samuel A. Falcone, Jr., William J. Watt and Maura A. Armezzani, along with legal assistant Carlo Saporito, the son of founder Joseph Saporito. Saporito, Falcone & Watt specialize in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, family law, elder law, real estate law, and business law.

    “Our firm’s founder, Joe Saporito, Sr., subscribed to a very basic, but effective model, be prepared for and respectful to the court, be civil to opposing counsel and treat your clients like family,” Falcone said.

    Falcone said his parents, Sam and Yolanda Falcone, instilled the values of integrity, hard work and dedication. “Together, these traits describe what each attorney and employee of our firm strives to accomplish each day, one case, one client at a time.”

    The firm is led by senior attorney and partner Samuel Falcone, a Pittston native, who has over 20-yrs. practicing law. Falcone currently serves as defense counsel for the Luzerne County Drug Treatment Court and the Luzerne County Specialty Court for mental health.

    Atty. Falcone has previously served as a conflict counsel for indigent criminal in Luzerne County where he has litigated hundreds of criminal cases from simple misdemeanors to homicide trials. Attorney Falcone currently serves as solicitor to a number of municipalities and municipal authorities.

    William Watt, also a partner, has been practicing law since 2007. He currently serves as a CJA federal criminal defense attorney in the U.S. District Court for Middle District of PA. He is a former part-time assistant public defender in Luzerne County.

    Watt has been appointed to serve as a divorce master in complex divorce matters and routinely gets appointed by the Court to serve as counsel for individuals in guardianship and other estate related matters.

    Atty. Watt has been named a Rising Star Super Lawyer four times since 2012.

    Maura Armezzani is an associate at Saporito, Falcone & Watt. Prior to joining the Pittston law firm, she served as a law clerk to the Honorable A. Richard Caputo in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

    Atty. Armezzani is currently is employed as a part-time as a public defender representing indigent clients in criminal matters in Luzerne Co.

    Saporito, Falcone & Watt have you covered in all areas of general civil litigation, business formation and business transactions, real estate matters, estate administration, municipal law and general personal injury litigation.

    They have experience in death penalty homicide trials, complex divorce and custody trials, car accident and estate planning and litigation, criminal litigation, and domestic matters.

    The three attorneys have represented clients in criminal jury trials ranging from simple summary offenses to complex felony cases, all areas of family law, and criminal law.

    Saporito, Falcone & Watt is located at 490 N. Main St., Pittston. Call 570-654-4643 if you need answers to legal question.